Wednesday, 26 December 2012


I had joined my cellgroup for the Christmas dinner.We celebrated a few days early, a get together dinner. Before going to the dinner, my friend told me that she would like me to share a few words after dinner. WHAT?! me? I am always the one at the corner trying to be as invisible as possible, or i will use the spell like in Harry Potter, Evanesco (Vanishing Spell),vanish into a puff of smoke. I am not good in expressing myself through words through my voice. But, i did share.

There were and there are so many things to be thankful of. Every little things in life mean the most, hence i look at life differently. I thank God every morning, every meal, every safe drive home,every time i have words to write,etc. I know it is a lie if i say there is nothing in life i am worried about, or i am happy every seconds, everyday.I have moments for myself when i am upset about things.Friends who are close to me know me well.Moderately unhappy, i will snack non-stop,Seriously upset,i am mute. But, i do smile and laugh most of the time,because i believe each one of us has the ability to make a difference to everything,and being sad for every little things will definitely not make a difference in a positive way.

There is a security guard at a guard house who i have to face everyday when sending and fetching my daughter from the babysitter.It had been more than a year since i sent her there, the guard will never opened the gate for me until i wind my window down and smile to him. It was sickening when i was in the hurry and he will " Hello, how are you?" and wink at me before he willing to open the gate.I got so irritated and annoyed with the wink at first, and then i thought, why should i, its just a way of him being friendly. So, i wink back at him, and that's why i don't have to wind my window down anymore, and he is happy to open the gate for me.It really doesn't harm either one of us, and make things easier actually,just with the little effort. 

I am thankful i am able to make a difference everyday. So do you.Life is so beautiful, dwell on the beauty of life and be thankful.

Everyone is smiling despite one and half hours delayed of the dinner
Dinner are all set,waiting for the turkey to arrive in the rainy day

Here comes the V.I.P


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