Saturday, 22 December 2012

About Love...

"Gris, never never write anything about love,boring...."
Here i am, couldn't resist,want to share something about love, ofcourse. Oh well, it was hard to decide on this sharing,as i failed, in term of love.

I have just finished reading this book by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo.
It was a light read, for the holiday season.It gives me some hopes though, like never renounce love,i may still have few admirers who wanna marry me when i am 54 years old, like Gaby Summerhill. 

I don't regret on the separation, because i know what i was going through. Marriage was indeed a very beautiful thing for the loving couples. It is uncanny the way the successful couples talk about their lives together. I like reading through books on marriage (i like reading through all the books to be honest), asking the secrets of making the marriage works, and listen to what the couples usually talk to each other.  Thanks to my current job, which allowed me to meet people who are alert and conscious , i said so because when i was in operating theatre, most people came in afraid and went out very groggy.
I have met a very loving couple whose the husband is wheelchair-bound, come to the clinic very often to change the suprapubic catheter.They have always whispering to each other, and smile to each other like they just fall in love.It was the way they interact caught my attentions. I asked them what are the secrets of successful marriage, like them...the wife was so shy and just smile and get the husband to answer..The husband said " we always share one spoon, share a drink,and so we share the saliva" What an answer, but i was getting goosebumps. They are still so in love,both in their sixties.They have found the ways to keep the passion and romance alive.
I saw cows in my hometown, and it reminded me a phrase from Much Ado Abot Nothing by William Shakespeare, " i had rather hear my dog bark at a cow, than a man swear he loves me"  i wouldn't be less agreed with that.  Until recently, i have responded rather rudely to a man who confessed his feeling towards me, i just went " Huh". And, in my mind i had started drafting out the pros and cons. That frightened me, my own actions frightened me. Am i going to be that rational and timid to fall in love again? I wanna love like i never been hurt before, wanna love like i never fall in love before..well,it just takes greater concentration and harder work to build a love that lasts.
Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused. - Paulo Coelho

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