Monday, 7 January 2013


How blessed and fortunate i am to have real friends.
There were so much in my mind to write about friends, but as i went through my photos, i realised i will not be able to cover all. So many stories to tell, and so much fun to share. I am brimming over with happiness at this moment.

I been away from my family since i was 17 years old.Friends were often the one who always there to help me to search the important things when i lost them, smile,hope and courage. I came across a statement says friends are like boobs, some are big,some are small, some are real and some are fake.(I am laughing) So true isn't ? We always come across people in our life who always say the right words at all the right times,but it is always their actions reveal the sincerity in the friendship

Friends may leave along the journey in life, temporarily or permanently.And, i am actually so blessed to have friends who care without hesitation, remember without limitation, and love me even without communication.There are friends who never get tired of listening to my pointless dramas over and over again, and still there to support me. I have done tons of stupid stuff and not so lovable stuff, but good friends love me still. I am so thankful to have good friends who accept my past, support my present,and encourage my future. I know they are my true friends when they stab me in the front . :) 

Just want to share a few photos of my good friends who have never abundant me in good and bad times,who are not embarrassed to cry with me when i am hurt or laugh with me.

 These girls completely turn my world around.They make me realized it is less important to have more friends but to have real ones.They listen to my adventures but make it with me, were there for me no matter what ,NO MATTER WHAT! my blessings, my angels, my supporters. We stay together, but never tired of talking to each other, we text each other even when we are at work. 
Love you girls wholeheartedly.Thanks for loving my daughter like your own.

 This man, hmm...known for years and never failed to put a smile on me when i was whining about life.Always so kind with kind words, and encouragements!  A man who makes me love myself more. 10years, not too long and not too short, but they were wonderful years knowing he will always there to listen and advise, and share. 
Thanks for listening to my non-sense,and respected my non-sense.

Last but no least, these two are wonderful people in my life. Azlina, a friend who flew from work to rescue me,cry with me, and laugh with me. A friend who is happier than me when things get better for me.Merredie, what more can i say about her.My daughter, who wiped my tears of sorrow and who asked me to laugh just enough and not too much. I want not only be her mother, but a friend who she can talks to always,about everything.
Thanks for helping me when i was wounded.I know whenever i look beside,you will be there. And, Merredie, thanks for coming into my life.You are the reason i am moving forward.

There are actually so many friends who have been there for me who i may not mentioned above.But, it doesn't mean they are less important, they are equally important for me to grow. I am just an ordinary person,who is not perfect.No one is.And, i always remind myself to focus on being the right person who knows how to care,understand and love. 

 “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art, like the universe itself (for God did not need to create). It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.” 
― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

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