Saturday, 28 September 2013

Kindle Paper White

Yay! At last I've owned my first E-reader ( wink~wink~)
I have been using my tablet to read , and it hurts my eyes after 5-10 minutes because of the glare. Backlit LCD screens are generally difficult to read outdoors and tend to cause eyestrain if read at night.

I have wanted to get the Kindle for ages after a customer showed me his Kindle. I was amazed by the  glare-free display, just like the printed page. Sadly, there are no store around selling this, where i can personally visit and look at it before i purchased.  And so, i took the risk to get it online after reading all the reviews, and comparing the different version of Kindle, and also Kindle with other e-readers.

I have not previously owned any Kindle, and so i am not able to compare the differences. But so far, I am absolutely satisfied with this product. There are few reasons i am loving it, the non-reflective surface makes it easy to read, even in bright sunlight,able to read for hours without eyestrain. Besides, Kindle Paperwhite has built in light illuminates the screen, so i do not have to brighten up the entire room or put on a clip-on light. 

For people with a lot of gadgets ( i mean me),Kindle is light and slim to carry around. I do not have to worry about changing to bigger bag just to fit in my book. Thumbs up!!

Make Things easier and " lighter" 

Dictionary is a necessity for me.Used to carry a Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary around,until i got an Iphone,downloaded the dictionary app.But, look ! Kindle Paperwhite has the built-in dictionary, extremely useful feature.So easy to access,painless to find the definition needing no WiFi.

You can also highlight the word/ sentence and save it in your Notes & Marks file.

Just sharing some of the features which i found them very useful for me. Cheers!!

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